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Take a look at what past clients have thought of their experience with EAD

Ive been seeing Lewis for a number of months now and the service rovifed is always top notch. From injuries to training plans to recovery sessions, everything is covered. The equipment and tech used in this clinic is the best i have seen for a long time. A lot of time and dedication has been put inot Lewis' work and is always adding more treatments and services to his business. 5 stars all round!

James R

I came to see Lewis at EAD after struggling with back for a few months , and now i can say i feel better than ever before. We set out a treatment plan and exercises to perform in the gym and at home and i can't thank him enough! 100% recommend to anyone!

Josh E

Great service and individual, understands your issues and helps you solve them in a bespoke way! Always honest and gives 100%. 

Rachel T

I was very impressed with the set-up and the introduction in establishing my ailments and needs (they are many and I would have understood if Lewis had been hesitant in continuing). Lewis tailor made the session and I have walked out with more flexibility in my leg and back. I appreciate this was only one session but I will be booking more sessions .... Thank you Lewis and look forward to coming again in the new year.

Les C

Had a problem knee for the past few months, especially when playing football I was in a lot of pain. However Lewis diagnosed the problem and also provided treatment to the injury, and have since got back to playing 90 minutes every week. Can’t fault the service provided, would definitely recommend

Zak E

Just over 2 years ago, i had quite a bad back injury which the practitioner knew prior to my appointment. He talked me through the stages for the session and got to work. i can hand on heart say that my back has never felt as good, if not better, prior to my accident! A down to earth guy and exceptionally talented, i would definitely recommend. Thank you Lewis i cant wait to book in again.

Tarran S

I booked in to see Lewis at EAD on short notice following a hamstring pain during a match. He took the time to understand my concerns before testing the muscle and providing a range of treatments including cupping and massage. This helped the pain and aided my recovery. I will be seeing EAD again when I next need any advice or treatment.

Top quality service and a top lad too! Makes you feel very comfortable and is very knowledgeable in what he is doing would 100% recommend and will be returning again.

Derry C 

Steve M

Service was great, paid for 30 minutes and happily went over with no extra charge. Also, top of the range equipment to help aid my recovery too

Louis L 

Ive had pins and needles in my shoulder for over a week now caused by tension and work. After one deep tissue massage with EAD the pain and restrictions i felt previously have completely disappeared! After a great treatment, he gave me some great home care advice and tips to help the same thing happening in the future. Will definitely be booking in again soon, thank you so much!!

Dawn S

The percussive and cupping therapy has sorted my legs out completely, feel great today! Cant thank you enough!

Matty W

The percussive and cupping therapy has sorted my legs out completely, feel great today! Cant thank you enough!

Laura W

My back and hamstring pain was relieved almost completely the following morning of my treatment and completely relieved over the next 48 hours. Thank you very much.

Daniel H

Great service all round. very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to fix me up. Best about!

Cameron B

Since i received my treatment i have not had a single pain during my push days, you've worked some real magic!!!

Rees H

Went to see EAD again today for the 2nd time this year, i have been experiencing tightness in my hip and hamstring, good solid massage and cupping session along with some home care exercises/stretches has helped me massively. Would highly recommend as he is knowledgeable, polite and very easy to speak to!

Jeffery H

Lewis provided a very professional service. Gave in depth aftercare. Treatment was very thorough. I would highly recommend Lewis and wouldn't go anywhere else

Lindsey H 

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